Author Steve Marx is grateful to have received such high praise for Close Like the Pros. Many of those providing testimonials are long-time users of Interactive Selling as taught by the author and The Center for Sales Strategy.

“This stuff just flat works. There’s no trickery, no fancy two-step. Interactive Selling respects the client and involves the client. Salespeople at our 23 television stations are building profitable long-term relationships doing business this way. You will, too.” 
Jim Zimmerman, CEO
    Media General Broadcast Group

“I only wish that all the salespeople who call on me used Interactive Selling as described in this outstanding book! They and we would be doing a lot more business.”
Marty Schaffel, CEO
    Audio-Visual Innovations, Inc.

“Today, every organization is complex with lots of cooks stirring the broth. To make deals happen, we needed to herd the cats at both Yahoo! and our clients toward consensus. Steve Marx taught me, and this book will teach you, how to reach the Big Yes by earning yes after yes for all the pieces, parts, and people.”
Jon Schwartz
    Former VP International Sales, Yahoo! Inc.

“I wish this book had been available when I started my selling career! Close Like the Pros sees selling a whole new way, and pushes our profession forward-way forward. Interactive Selling has been instrumental in raising the performance of our 300 salespeople, and it can do the same for your sales staff.”
    John Hayes, President
    Corus Radio Canada

“Marx has amazing insights—and rare common sense—about the collaborative-selling process. He clearly and quickly articulates smart selling practices you can put into action tomorrow morning. For high-performance professionals, this is the definitive work on customer engagement.”
Patrick Sbarra, President
    New Creature, Inc.
    Bentonville, AR

“Finally a book on sales practices that you can actually share with your clients! A common sense approach to selling that respects clients and really works in today’s complex and competitive marketplace. I can tell you from personal experience that customers respond to salespeople who are interactive and reward them with more business.”
Kimberly Rath, President
    Talent Plus

“Read this book the first time and it will change the way you look at the sales process forever. Keep this book at your desk for easy reference and watch your sales skyrocket.”
Mark Wiskup
    author of Presentation SOS—From Perspiration to Persuasion in 9 Easy Steps
    and The IT Factor—Be the One People Like, Listen to, and Remember

“Steve Marx knows what creates mutually beneficial relationships between seller and buyer. His message turned the sellers at Susquehanna, where I was CEO for many years, into trusted advisors and distinguished us from our competitors in ways we hadn’t expected. It’s simple, it’s powerful, it’s tested, and it works.”
Dave Kennedy, CEO

“This book is long overdue! Closing—redefined for the 21st century. Anyone can add these interactive selling practices and truly start closing like the pros… highly engaged clients, bigger deals, more repeat business.”
Dr. Tony Alessandra
    author of Collaborative Selling
    and The Platinum Rule

“Marx takes us beyond the stale sales techniques we read in so many other books, and shows how we can raise the odds of success by enlisting the customer to help close the sale. His strategy has helped Journal outpace the competition.” 
Carl Gardner, Executive VP
    Journal Broadcast Group

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