A Sales Book You Won’t Feel You Have to Hide from Your Clients
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Posted by:  Steve Marx 3/22/2007 9:36 AM

Unethical salespeople drive me up the wall. I cut them no slack, just because they’re a fellow salesperson.

There are so many ways to be unethical. By what you say… and what you conveniently forget to say. By what you do… and what you conveniently forget to do. By misrepresenting the problems your product can solve or the tasks it can handle. By making banner headlines out of the good news, and hiding the bad news in the mouse-type disclosure or disclaimer you hope they never read. By leading the prospect to believe that your staff has the capability to deliver a service, and waiting until the ink is dry to even bother figuring whether they do. The list goes on and on.

There’s another way in which millions of salespeople are unethical, but it’s rarely spoken of. I believe it’s unethical to put a prospect through a sales process without letting them know what’s going on, without disclosing just what you’re doing. If you’ve ever been on the butt-end of that sort of sales approach, I’ll bet you felt taken advantage of—and what better definition of “unethical” is there?

What’s scary is how common, how pervasive, such selling approaches are. It’s not just the proverbial used car salesmen and time-share resort-condo salespeople. Leaf through a few sales books on the shelf at your local bookstore. Would you proudly present a copy of any of them to your clients and prospects and say, “This is how I do business”? Probably not, because mixed in with a lot of good advice you’ll find too much that’s manipulative, shady, or downright unethical. Even one or two pages in a 200-page book would be enough for you to hide that book from your prospects.

You would be embarrassed to have a prospect see the way customers are described, and how those selling systems encourage their disciples to trick or trap the prospect into the sale. Worse yet, if a prospect read about those tactics, he’d be in on the joke and easily able to neutralize every gambit, outwit every ploy.

Close Like the Pros is different. This may be the first sales book you don’t have to hide… not from your prospects, not from your family, not from your pastor. There’s nothing between the covers here that any client or prospect shouldn’t see—you might even want to buy them a copy! Sales pros don’t abuse their clients, so there’s nothing abusive in Close Like the Pros.

That’s one reason why Marty Schaffel, CEO of Audio-Visual Innovations, Inc., told me,

“I only wish that all the salespeople who call on me used Interactive Selling as described in this outstanding book! They and we would be doing a lot more business.”