Are You a Bulldozer, a Gofer, or a Partner?
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Posted by:  Steve Marx 3/24/2007 9:37 AM

Most B2B salespeople are either bulldozers or gofers. I’m not talking about style. So when I say bulldozer, don’t be thinking of some guy who’s obnoxiously aggressive, in-your-face, never taking no for an answer. Yes, some are like that, but more are not. I’ve known plenty of sales bulldozers who are immensely charming and lots of fun to be with. And they would be shocked and disappointed to learn that their approach puts them solidly into the bulldozer category. Worse yet, they’d be really unnerved to learn how much business they leave on the table because of their bulldozer ways.

Similarly, not all gofers are meek, or shy, or fawning. Gofers I’ve known include many who are the life of the party, or are stars on the company softball team, or are relentless in ensuring that their clients get near-perfect service. These gofers would be no more pleased to learn the sales relationship category they fall into than would the ’dozers. And they too leave a lot of money on the table, a lot of client relationships not fully developed, not maximized.

As you might be expecting, there’s a third sales relationship type. It’s called the partner. The pros who close the biggest deals… the people who create business relationships that endure the longest… nearly all of them are partners. These three sales relationship types are a totally new way of thinking about and categorizing sales relationships and approaches. Again, it’s not a matter of style. The difference here are in the salesperson’s fundamental approach to the sales process and the business relationship.

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